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New Year, Different Mindset

I think I just figured out why I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions.

For the entirety of this month I’ve been removing people left and right from my social media newsfeeds who have chosen to promote toxic diet culture.

It unfortunately doesn’t feel like an uncommon statement I’m making, but I have struggled immensely in maintaining a healthy relationship with food and exercise. It is something I have worked on in therapy and something I am quite vocal about in my day to day life.

I’m quick to unfollow accounts and harshly critique products that are created so people can “eat less calories”, “never miss a workout” or “lose weight”.

Is our sole existence on this earth to punish our bodies to make them as small as possible?

Ummm no. It is not. And if you are interested in arguing this with me just know I am uninterested in having that conversation. Instead, I will be eating something delicious I made with the energy I saved from not engaging.

I’m not being close-minded. In fact, I’m being more conscious then ever in what I consume from a CONTENT standpoint. I’m being picky when it comes to the content I choose to digest and the content I choose to free myself from.

You see, I have spent so many years fearing my body, fearing food, or fearing a missed work out. But for what? All that stress I put on my body and all that negativity I fed it with made me sicker.

It is my commitment this year to be more conscious as a human and a business owner to spread messages and words that don’t make people feel like shit. I want to lead a revolution around unfollowing food and exercise accounts led be unqualified (and sometimes even qualified) people who are not actively contributing to the betterment of your mental health.

Fun fact: Many people who give meal plans as a part of their services are without credentials, which is technically illegal.

As I’m writing this I want you to know I’m not trying to be inherently negative or rude. I’m simply here to stand for you. I want to give you permission to unfollow and let go of toxic people while surrounding yourself with people who will support your growth in ways that aren’t body related.

I’m not against goal-setting. I am simply tired of self-care and wellness that is solely focused on how your body looks. So here is to a January that is not focused on another new diet, workout regimen, or new year new me mindset.

With love and permission to do what’s best for your mental health,