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It is going to be a year…

2022 is going to be a year.

I cannot even begin to make claims that 2022 is going to be a great year. It’s just too hard to say that after two years of pain, hardship, illness, and loss on a collective scale that with the flip of a calendar page things are suddenly going to be better.

But I’m not a pessimist, except when it comes to whether or not the Baltimore Ravens will win another super bowl. But I digress. I think there is good that can and will come in 2022. As I look around me I’m seeing an unprecedented interest in mental health care. Fifteen year old Mallory would be shocked and delighted by how openly it’s being talked about at this moment in time.

This year I’ve decided I want to turn up the volume and amplify conversation happening in the mental health space. Deep down I believe we all wish we felt able to share what’s on our minds and hearts with one another, even when that stuff isn’t the highlight reel of our social media. This year, I will be less apt to tip toe around in fear of being a business owner who runs her mouth about mental health a little too much and therefore upsetting those who may come across my brand. I’m not saying I will be an asshole, I just want to be more candid when it comes to these topics. Nobody heals in silence.

This year, I want to learn more about you. I want to know what gets you out of bed each morning and the things that keep you up at night. I want to build boxes that can inspire hope and empower self-care for you and your people.

I want to connect online, in person, or through a navy blue box. I’ll meet you where you are in your journey and hope you’ll meet me where I am in mine. Because in the space where we come together, something magical and something I cannot quite articulate happens. That space of connection may just be include the stuff that gives meaning to life.

If you have thoughts, suggestions, or questions, I want to hear them. Send me a message. I want to build something that holds space for all emotions, all feelings, and people of all different backgrounds.

Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Healing happens when we are willing to step into a space together and open our hearts to one another.

I hope as we walk out of the chaos of 2021, into what probably will be more chaos in 2022, we do it together, invested in our own and each other’s self-care and well being.


With warmth,