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The Find Your/self Story:

The company story began when founder, Mallory Gothelf, was sitting on her bed at her first treatment center in high school.

Mallory watched as her family entered her room, unsure exactly what to say or do. She wasn’t sure what to say or do either. Mental illness diagnoses don’t come with a guide for the person experiencing it or for the people around them. Everyone was timid at first, treading lightly with their words and actions. But treading lightly doesn’t enable healing. 

Everyone in Mallory’s life had to dig deeper for healing. They found healing in small, but bold statements of love and support. 

Mallory saw it in the letters and notes family and friends wrote for her while she was in the hospital. She saw it when her dad bought an UNO deck for them to use because he saw it was the only time she took part in the world outside of herself. She saw it every evening when a “song of the day” from her brother found its way into her inbox. It always contained music he thought would lift her spirits. She saw it when a friend from NEU picked out the cereal part of some Lucky Charms to leave a bag of marshmallows (the only good part) on her pillow when she came back to her dorm from treatment one night.

What she realized was these meaningful moments of engagement helped everyone connect when her illness tried to sever all connections. Small gestures opened the door for healing.

She drew inspiration from these moments in her recovery and coupled that with professional mental health guidance to create a box that would serve as a way to meet yourself or your person where they are in their healing journey.

Instead of treading lightly, Find Your/self Boxes is a bold statement of support. The company chooses to not shy away from talking mental health, mental illness, and wellness on a full spectrum. Everyone has mental health so it’s time to talk about it. Wellness doesn’t look the same for every person, so the mission is to create a customizable and curated box experience to meet many people where they are.