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Body and Mind: Physical Injury Recovery Box


When you get injured, the first priority is usually treating your body. But what about the mind? Many of us use physical activity for endorphins, so it can feel like an endorphin black hole when you have restrictions on activity. An injury can even have you questioning your identity, especially if you are a lifelong athlete or physical activity is an important part of your routine. 

From where we stand, taking care of your mind as you heal from an injury is just as important as taking care of your body. This box will be by your side through recovery and help you stay resilient and grounded through all the starts, stops, detours, and wins along the way.

This box was created in partnership with Dana Alimena, a certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Transformational Thought Coach, with a certification in the Functional Movement Screen, to create a box for those facing physical injuries. Dana is also the founder of Go Forward Strong, which offers one on one individualized coaching and programming for rugby players looking for that extra support. She aims to empower a community of ruggers navigating life confidently in the direction of their ideal self. As a three time ACL-tearer throughout her career as a women’s rugby player (a career she is still actively pursuing), Dana has the professional and personal experience of moving through injury recovery. 


-Resilience Journal 

-Warmies Sloth 

-Cannabombz CBD Pain Salve

-Affirmation Recovery Deck

-Sleepy Time Essential Oil Roller 

-Open When Letters From Dana Alimena

-QR Code To Sign Up For Free Meditation App