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Self-care doesn’t have to be bougie

One of the things that made me nervous about getting into the self-care/wellness space was that I found a lot of the market was dominated by things I couldn’t afford and a perfectly curated everything that made me feel inferior. Don’t get me wrong, when I have a little more money I’m down to splurge on some high-end products, and I have a love for some stunning content curation. I just know that my mental illness hasn’t been glamorous and the wellness space seemed too perfect for me to find a home. 

Instead of forcing myself to fit into a space I didn’t feel I belonged I ran in the opposite direction and embraced a different version of self-care. This version was one that valued the integrity of the product without breaking the bank. This version was an Instagram that looked more like a personal account and less like a business one. It was captions filled with raw truths and photos that were shot with an iPhone by someone who lacked a deep understanding of photo editing. The truth of the matter is self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. Your journey doesn’t need to fit perfectly into a social media profile. Self-care isn’t one size fits all. By the very nature of using the word self, it defers to the individual to find the things that replenish the soul, bring joy to the spirit, and peace to the body. That’s something I can get behind. 

The first day I sat with my business coach I told her I wanted something more than a pretty box targeted for one specific demographic. Self-care shouldn’t be an experience for some, it should be something accessible to all. In a recent meeting regarding branding strategy I passionately yelled (I get a little yell-y when I’m passionate), “I straight-up want this to be the anti-bougie self-care box.” Perhaps that won’t be the exact phrasing used moving forward but you get the point. I don’t want to be another box that’s just pretty. I want to be a box that has seen some shit and still wants to stick around for the long-haul. That means intentional products created by intentional vendors. That means vulnerable storytelling and being unafraid to dig deep into difficult or uncomfortable topics. To me, that’s true self-care. If that feels like you too you’re in the right place. 

Be bold. Be Brave. Be true to yourself while you’re finding yourself.