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Words of Motivation From Your Hype Girl

What is my favorite part of running this business? It’s watching how many people have taken action and sent their love and hope and good spirits to people all over the country. People have written heartfelt messages for cards and named boxes specifically for their person. It warms my heart and reminds me of the beauty that exists in this world. Inspired by the endless kindness that has come into my inbox via box orders, I wanted to pass along a few words of my own: 

I don’t know your circumstances and I’m sure this moment in time has added an extra layer to your every day. Even in all of life’s confusion I want you to remember how important you are. The value your life adds to the world cannot be calculated, for it is infinite. You have a purpose and a reason for being here. Your talents, abilities, and qualities cannot be replicated by anyone else; they are uniquely yours. I know it can be hard to see that at times, trust me, I do. That is why I feel it’s important to shout my love for you from the rooftop. I never want you to feel like this battle of yours, whether it be with physical or mental health, is to be done alone. I want to stand as your hype girl and remind you of how special you are. I want to shower you in the knowledge that your story, your voice, your thoughts, and your experiences matter. Your mind may be shouting something different to you, so I intend to scream a little louder (and ask anyone who knows me I have a voice that carries). Your place in the world cannot be filled by another. You are wanted. You are needed. You matter. 

If you’re having trouble believing these words, read them again. And again. And perhaps one more time. If you are still struggling to feel these words in your soul, don’t hesitate to reach out. Reach out to a family member, a friend, a partner, or find me. My inbox is open. You can email me or DM me and I will gladly shower you in the love you deserve. These are some weird times. You also have a story that goes beyond this moment in our history, so I can imagine you’re feeling a lot of things. I’m here to stand in it with you. I’ll say it one more time for good measure, you are so very important and so very loved. 


With love and the hype of an athlete during pregame warm-ups,