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Post-Launch Reflection: Recovery and Running a Business

I woke up today after getting my first good night's sleep in days and went for a run. Sleep and running, two things I enjoy but never seem to do enough. I ran to my favorite little pond in Malden. I sat down on a rock and did a little reflecting. I launched last week and it was exhilarating and challenging and amazing.

The day after I launched I received a clear reminder of why I started this business in the first place. My physical and mental health both took a little dip. My IBS struck with a vengeance and I could feel the familiar weight of depression in my bones. I was having nights of wild anxiety and no sleep. 

I don’t wish for these moments. I don’t want to come face to face with these experiences, especially when I’m finally at the starting line for the dream I’ve been fighting for. But these moments drive me to find the right products for the boxes, quicken my pace to get boxes out and push me to expand faster because I know how necessary it is to be reminded that you are loved. I know how crucial it is to be reminded of joy and healing. I know the power of small gestures. 

This is what I thought about while I sat on that rock in Malden. As I got back up to run home I found myself flying down a hill with my arms waving wildly through the air, kind of like how a kid who has no care in the world runs. I was feeling infinite and free and like an absolute dork. There was a lightness in my chest as I ran home to go put out my first shipment of boxes. I’m in recovery. No launch is going to change the continuing process of that recovery. However, this launch has given my pain a really beautiful outlet. And that shit is priceless.


With love and flailing arms,