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Past, Present, Future: Pre-Launch Feels

I’m sitting here one day away from the launch of my business and I can’t help but feel overcome by emotion. These large moments in my life leave me looking back on the last 9 years.

I always see a montage of moments from hospital stays, therapists’ offices, and treatment centers. I feel the weight of the indelible mark my illness has left on me and those around me, especially my family. I remember the moments people stuck by me when running away would have been a much easier option. It all comes flooding back, but not in a negative way.

I think it’s important for me to sit with these memories and feelings. They remind me of my roots. It’s humbling to know that this moment of launching a business came from such a painful beginning. My path through the mental health system is putting me in a position to do something I’m immensely proud of. It is providing me with the opportunity to help others show love and support for those with a mental illness. I’ve always said the one thing that has helped me cope with the unanswered question of “why me” has been to find purpose in my illness. I feel purpose in putting these boxes into the world as they are unapologetically vocal in their support of shattering the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

This business will continue to evolve and change. I will make mistakes and learn from them throughout this process. There will be moments of stress and frustration as a first-time business owner. I know all of that. But right now...well right now I’m going to celebrate this moment. Today I’m alive, tomorrow I launch, and I have a lifetime ahead of me to dedicate to my fellow mental health warriors. 


With love, deep gratitude, and pure excitement,