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Mental Health, But Make It Spicy: Sexual Wellness Box

Intimacy is great…except when your nervous system is like, “Wait, INTIMACY? ME?! I couldNEVER.” If that inner monologue rings a bell, this box is for you.

We’ve included items that help ease stress and signal to your body that intimacy = safe (whether solo or with a trusted partner), as well as items to help you create a simple aftercare ritual and come down from intensity. Becausewhew…intimacy is great, but it’s also the definition of all the feels. 


-Pre and Post Intimacy Candles: To set the scene before & after spicy time

-Shower Steamers: Whether you’re ready to get down and dirty in the shower (or all cleaned up) with yourself or your partner(s) 

-Cork Massage Rollers: To release tension and enjoy being present with your body and/or the body of your partner(s)

-QR Code for free use of Meditation App: To help you stay present in life, which can translate to staying present during spicy time. 

-Snacks: Post spicy time munchies and a refuel for another round: (Choose your snack combo from the list below) 

-Cannabombz CBD Lube: Because you can never have enough lube (and for painful sex, it can provide relief)

-Intimacy Guide: Expert advice for all your pre and post spicy time needs