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Mini Mornings Don’t Have To Suck Box

Mornings can be difficult, especially when you’re not having a good mental health day. This box helps set you up for a good morning to bring forth good momentum into your day. You can start with some explicit affirmations and then spend some time drawing or writing to cultivate peace, gratitude, or new energy in your journals. The awakening lotion refreshes the body and if you take some deep breaths while applying, you’ll feel a refresh for the mind. And then don’t forget breakfast (I know, that’s a hard one). A delicious and easy bar to take with you for that most important meal of the day. Here’s to making mornings at least 1% less shitty.

This Box Includes:

Badass Talking Button

Awakening Lotion

3 Pack of Mini Journals

2 f(x) foods Brain Food Bars

5 Pack of Calm Strips