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Don’t Tell Me To Chill Out: Anxiety Coping Box

Chilling out because someone else told you to…0/10. A box created by humans with anxiety designed to actually
help you chill? Those odds are a little better, we think. 

Anxiety is a trickster who knows how to push all your buttons, and we know coping looks different for everyone and sometimes even looks different every day. This box gives you a variety of anxiety-quashing objects to keep close by and use anytime, anywhere. And it doesn’t include any “helpful” advice like “Have you tried just relaxing?”


-Aromatherapy Dough (Choose your scent below)

-Journal (for jotting and doodling to quiet and anxious mind)

-5 Pack Of Resistance Bands (to stretch and gently move the anxious body)

-Weighted Heating Pack (to calm and soothe the anxious body)